Company Profile

Ocean Construction Services, Inc. aims to provide project delivery that exceeds our clients' expectations in budget, schedule, quality and safety. Customer satisfaction always comes first, and we believe in treating our people well. We hire the best we can find and treat them well so that they will stay with us.

Mission Statement

Ocean Construction Services Inc was founded on, and continues to operate under the following fundamental elements: character, service, commitment and value. We believe that business character is essential to the development of lasting business relationships. Service is the most perceivable way to separate ourselves from the competition. Company commitment is demonstrated in two forms, commitment to meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations for every project and commitment to our business in terms of profitability and long term success. The company provides value to its customers by incorporating our character, service and commitment into a competitive pricing structure. Our mission is to exceed our Client’s expectations for every project by creating value through the incorporation of our core fundamentals.

Key Personnel

Anthony R. Gower, Sr.


Thornton H. Elmore III

Vice President

Emery Chickey

VP of Pre-Construction & Business Development

J. David Keene

Senior Project Manager

Shannon Gower

Billing & Proposal Coordinator

L. Kirk Liebold, CSST/CSSS

Corporate Safety Director

Kara Laskowski

Project Manager’s Asst./ Marketing

Debbie Otroba

Project Manager’s Asst.

Darrell Saunders

Project Manager

Rachel Willey

Project Manager

Margie Fulcher

Project Manager's Asst.